About Us

According of the CEO

To devise an idea that’s never been done before requires creative geniuses, not marketers. Crafting that idea to invoke an emotional response from an audience requires data strategists, not designers. Executing the idea to successfully disrupt an industry requires a creative collective, not a marketing/ad agency. We are a creative collective that executes industry disruption, agencies fear us.

Hatch Brands reflects an unheard-of client retention rate because we are clients ourselves with our own products and brands. We have been in your shoes. It’s what separates us from everyone else. We’re entrepreneurs, dot-commers, and strategists who’ve refined the formula to expertly crafted disruption; never yielding what’s been done before, only what hasn’t. For more than X years, this has been the secret to our clients’ success.


Jonathan Weisman


Michael Walsh

Director of Technology

Blake Sisco

Social Media Marketing

Hector Moran

Design & Video Production

Aaron Mireles

Content Strategist

Melissa Miles

Social Media Strategist

DeeAnn Thigpen

Public Relations

Our Goals

Our goals are directly related to your results
  • Make your website sell better

  • Create and improve your marketing potential (products, services)

  • Provide access to unique technologies, as well as the knowledge and experience to build a successful business on the Internet

  • Show you a clear, measurable results and regular work on the development of your business on the Internet