20 Video Marketing Statistics to Start Your 2019 Campaigns

Video marketing has hit new heights with people realizing the power of incorporating video into their marketing efforts.  This has also helped send YouTube Statistics to new astonishing heights.

Despite all this, business owners and marketing managers are having difficult times transitioning over or finding platforms to create good quality video that properly represents their brands.

Good video content can help you become the authority in your industry, be a voice for your brand and help you climb the ranks of search engines.

But Caution!!!!  Poorly produced video can cause irreversible damage, so make sure all Video Production strategies are well thought out and properly produced to give you the highest possible return on your investment.

Whether you’re currently doing video, or you’re just ready to take it to the next level, check out these mind-blowing statistics that will help get your juices flowing.

YouTube Statistics

1. YouTube has over 1.3 billion subscribers

2. There are more than 5 billion videos watched on YouTube daily

3. YouTube gets more than 30 million visitors every single day.

4. The average mobile session on youtube lasts for over 40 minutes

5. User percentage is 38% female and 62% male

6. 80% of people under 50 watch YouTube

7. More than 50% of YouTubers come from mobile

8. The annual cost of maintaining YouTube is $6.3 billion

9. Googles annual revenue generated from YouTube is $4 billion

10. The #1 most viewed YouTube video is Despacito with over 5.9 billion views

Video Marketing Statistics

1. 85% of Facebook videos are watched w/o sound

2. Native videos on Facebook get 10x higher reach than a YouTube link

3. Emails that have video get a 98% higher click through rate than ones without video

4. Videos on a landing page will increase conversions by over 80%

5. Videos on a landing page will improve your 1st page ranking by more than 50%

6. Users spend 90% more time on a website that has video on it

7. Video makes up for 80% of all video traffic

8. More content Is uploaded in 30 days than the major TV networks have created in 30 years.

9. 90% of customers say that watching a video will help them make a buying decision.

10. Product videos, demos and explainer videos are the most common videos produced.

We hope these statistics have been beneficial to your marketing efforts and encourage you to start producing video asap, to stay at the top of your game.